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my name is genevieve, but everyone calls me jenny. i'm 19 years old and live in montreal, canada. sometimes i believe i'm crazy because i find passion in everything, but i enjoy my versatility. i've loved music since i was a little girl, taking dance lessons since i was three, playing piano and guitar for years and singing horribly to every song that can get me to move. i talk way too fast and too much, but i can't help it. i love all sports, especially hockey and volley-ball. most people wouldn't believe i'm a nerd, but i adore school and learning. i'm not really sure who i am anymore. i used to have everything figured out, but i guess things change. 2014 addition: I'm pretty sad nowadays, and I don't even know why. I crave to have peace, but the madness of my mind won't allow it, which is why I am still trying to plan the perfect escape.

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